Sunday, January 24, 2010

Memoirs, so far

Well, the memoirs are started. I have the title, front matter, an intro and 3 (almost) pages of early memories. At this rate, it'll be quite a while, but life may change. The last six months, it seems like every time I think "Ah, now I've got the time" or "Ah, now I've got the cash" I don't. The title is Not Always Well Spent. I don't remember where I first heard that phrase, but for quite a while now it has struck me as a good summary.

The subtitle has been trickier; I've thought of several and waffled between them. No way to tell yet how it may come out. Currently it's "A memoir of a life when America was at its peak." I'm not sure; it may be a little too political to describe me, or at least this memoir as I currently conceive it. I do feel that it describes the times themselves quite well, though. Tonight I'm leaning towards "A life at the front of the Baby Boom", or maybe "A Boomer's life." We'll see. I do like subtitles on non-fiction works, so this work will have one.