Saturday, November 14, 2009

Almost There!

Ran back over the blog tonight. Back to the first post, about how this was just a Library School class assignment at first. There's some stuff in here I'm pretty proud of; I can think and I can write it down after I think it! I never really expected that. I've been thinking that I might be a writer sometime soon. Especially now that I'm within a month of my MLIS, and I'm a Substitute Reference Librarian at Dayton Metro Library, with my first shift next Tuesday. With Social Security, my Shim Enterprises part-time job at 10 hours a week, and a few more hours at DML, I'll have an adequate income and enough time to hone my writing.

But what will I write? I've got lots of ideas. One new one is a biography of Electra Collens Doren. I was at the E. C. Doren branch library most of today. This branch is the only one of DML's 20 branches named for a person, rather than the neighborhood. I have learned a bit of her life, and she was a true library hero, easily the greatest such in Dayton. I would like her life to be better known outside of Dayton (inside of it too, for that matter.) This might require more education, but I might be able to get that from U. D. Maybe when I audit some German language courses I will also audit a biography-writing course. If UD has one. I'll have to find an English professor sometime.