Monday, November 10, 2008

A New President

Well, we have a new president, and the first non-white-male president.  Hooray for us and all that!  Still, I hope (probably in vain) that the new administration will not assume that the whole country is overwhelmingly in favor of a hard left turn.  If so, he will be repeating the mistakes of previous administrations.  Mr. Obama, please remember that a lot of us were voting less for you and your policies than against the Republican policies of the last eight years.  George W. came in and installed a ton of hard-right policies that many people hated.  The distraction of 9/11 is the only reason the Republicans were not bounced out of Congress two years later, as the Democrats were in 1994.  If our country keeps swinging from far left to far right every four to eight years, sooner or later it will rip us apart.  There are a lot of us who would like to see our country steer a middle path when one is available. We are feeling disenfranchised and increasingly bitter at both the direction and the tone of life in our country these days. For a worst case example, I greatly fear that the first new policy will be an executive order declaring open season on the unborn. May God forgive us.